Offline installation of

Offline Installation of

1) First install vmware 2) Then open vmware 3) Go to open virtual file and upload the vmware file 4) Then click on play button and open the 5) Enter the password (ijaz) Replace the file lint.rb This file and its path is given the description Path is 2.0.1/lib/rack/lint.rb:20 Run the server by entering two commands in terminal in Ubuntu window 6) Go to the terminal and open the terminal 7) Press the up arrow key from keyboard twice(two times) then click enter 8) Again press the up arrow key and then press enter 9) Wait for listening 10) ¬When you get the reply after listening go to browser and open Congrats you have created the server successfully Now go to browser and open Now configure vmware for clients 1) Give manual ip address to the vmware for this you had to find out the default gateway 2) Go to cmd and type ipconfig 3) Now give manual ip address to vmw…

Refining Our selection in DataBase (databse part5)

Today our post is about selecting the data from database. The answer arise in our minds would be why we use select query? Is it possible to display data from database without using select query? Is it possible to display only 5 records from specific columns instead of displaying all the record of the column?
We will answer all the question in this post so click on read more to read the brief detail of select query

Inserting data into database with real life example(Database Part4)

Hello readers in this post we will learn how to insert data into database and other couple of cool stuffs related to the database. We basically saw how to make databases and then how to create tables which are currently empty to represented.

Basic of DataBase And Database Mangament system with real life example(DataBase part3)

Today we will study about database management system known as DBMS. Before going in depth knowledge of DBMS first revise What Database is? Why we need Database? So database is used to store data. In Real life Example of data base is our phone book dictionary

What is relationship in database with real life example(Database part 2)

Hey what's up everyone. Welcome back to your second database design series. In this we're going to be talking about the relation very basic. Don't be afraid with this math J . We're not going to go super in-depth with Matthew and know more about the math. Basically your relation is just a connection between data.

Brief Introduction To Data Base With Real LIfe Example(Database Part1)

Hey What's up everybody. My name's Malik Aamir Khan  from to kill creed or calm. This Post will be your introduction to database design. We're pretty much going to cover a lot of a lot of everything. So this is going to be a great series if you're just starting out or if you want to get a broad overview